Return of the Murphy Bed Trend to Kelowna

Micro Homes are Trending in Kelowna

With the shortage of affordable housing in Kelowna, there has been a push towards smaller, simpler housing. These Micro Homes have all the features of larger houses, but provide it on a much smaller floor plan. These homes will increase the available housing as well as the price options in town. The hope is that with developments of Micro Homes, Kelowna’s rental issue might lessen and allow young people to find affordable housing. Little House Contracting has starting doing tours of their Micro Home designs this month in Kelowna.

With the downsizing of space comes the need to find more creative solutions for storage. Less spaces means that you need to be more strategic with the way that you organize your home. Urban Closets focuses on functional and beautiful designs to simplify your life.

Small Home Living

There are many great ways to take advantage of the space that you do have. Just because the footprint of your house is small, your design and storage options don’t have to be.

Look Up!

Don’t forget that wall space can be used as well as floor space. Using the wall space close to the ceiling can be a great way to store items that you don’t use everyday. This allows you to keep your items close on hand, but not in the way.

Corner Solutions

Take a look around your home. How many corners are there that could be used better? Corner shelving can be a great way to keep those sentimental or display items that you might not think you have room for.

Customize Your Closet

A full closet makeover will allow you to keep everything organized. Even finding some great accessory storage solutions can help to improve the way you fit and organize your closet. We have a range of accessories including sliding shoe racks, built-in hampers and sunglass inserts.

Murphy Beds

Everything that was trendy becomes trendy again. The Murphy Bed first became popular in the 1920s and has started to make a comeback in the last 10 years. Originally the trend came about because it was socially unacceptable to invite visitors, especially female ones into your bedroom. Times have changed, and while the reasons might be different, the Murphy Bed is making a comeback in bigger cities as well as with those people looking to maximize smaller spaces.

Source: Sherwood Shelving

The great thing is that the number of design options for them has also increased. No longer are they the ugly, hard to use versions that we are used to seeing, but trendy, modern designs that can work for families or singles alike.

For larger homes, the Murphy Bed allows you to utilize a guest room in your home without giving up that space while you don’t have anyone staying with you. Traditionally, we have guest rooms in our homes that sit empty and don’t contribute to functional space until we have family visit. Use that space for something better such as an office, or a child’s playroom year round and pull down the bed when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit.

If you are looking for ways to maximize your space or get or get organized, get in touch with Urban Closets and find out how we can organize your home! 250 826 0922

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