Kelowna Closet Trends in 2017


Dare to be bold this year. We are seeing fewer requests for a simple dark wood closet installation and more for less traditional colour choices. We offer over 20 different colours to choose from, and can customize the texture and moulding to your liking.

LED Lighting

Extra lighting in one of the darkest areas of your home can go a long way to improving the look and feel of your closet. These bright lights offer features such as hands-free operation that is motion triggered. Imagine stepping into your closet and having it light up automatically. It’s the little details that truly make the biggest difference when it comes to small spaces like your closet. We expect to see an increased demand for LED lighting as many of our clients look at upgrading their closet space.


If your items are out of sight, then they are out of mind. By having more accessory drawers and storage options built into new closet designs, our clients find that they are actually wearing their jewelry because they are able to see and find it more easily. With storage options that range from jewelry to lingerie to shoe racks, this more effective storage is helping our clients stay organized.

His and Hers

The concept of having and his and hers closet isn’t new, but now we are seeing couple express their individuality by designing their side of the closet separately to their partners. Keep continuity throughout the design can be challenging, but can lead to some beautiful displays of individuality. Take a look at the colour options that we provide and see what best matches your personal style.

Sliding Doors

Another big trend for 2017 will be sliding doors replacing traditional doors. Gone are the days when we stored as much as we could on the back of our closet doors and hoped that no one ever saw the mess. With accessory drawers and many more options for effective storage, we are seeing a trend towards choosing beautifully designed sliding doors as the entrance to newly renovated closets. Everything from mirrored, frosted glass and barn doors. People are getting more creative with their choices, and we enjoy seeing what they come up with.


The closet is no longer a space in your home that is hidden away and forgotten about. Adding some flair to this area of your home makes getting ready in the morning or for an evening event, that much more enjoyable. Get in touch with Urban Closets today to find out how we can transform your storage options and create a beautiful new closet to enjoy.

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